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Category: Cooking Tips

Cooking Tips – How to Braise Meat

How Braise Meat

Follow these basic steps and you and your family or friends will thoroughly enjoy the results. Step 1 Choose your chosen cut of meats. Lamb, beef, pork or veal shanks are incredibly common in these recipes. Beef shoulder roast, chuck roast or brisket are good selections also. These slashes are tougher with higher degrees of […]

6 Quick Things to Remember When Microwave Cooking

Microwave Cooking

When you think “microwave meal”, it usually conjures up a range of mixed emotions from will my dish cook through, will it be flavorsome, and will it be raw or overcooked? Believe it or not, cooking in a microwave is actually one of the easiest things to do. Things to remember when microwave cooking: 1.Most […]

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